A photo is a look, a passage beyond that which is visible. The immense distance which separates a sense from a feeling. A Life story told in a tiny fraction of time. A fleeting moment, singular and ephemeral, which the photographer’s gaze turns into eternal. The camera, the lens and technology are only the means but they are unable to detect emotion. Just like the best pen cannot write a sublime poem nor does the best Steinway piano add talent to the performer.


The great Henri Cartier-Bresson once said that "To take a photograph is to align the head, the eye and the heart. It's a way of life".


How could I, ever, say it better?


Life is all about emotions. Emotions that we want keep and live again.


Images are a powerful mean to capture, keep and share emotions.


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Caldas da Rainha: Um Roteiro

Ed. Câmara Municipal

das Caldas da Rainha

Ferreira da Silva

Obra em Espaço Público


Ed. Câmara Municipal das Caldas da Rainha

Associação do Património Histórico

Lagoa de Óbidos

4 Quadrantes e 20 Olhares

Ed. Mar d’Água

Music by Victor Gama

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